Bennett Lake

 Bennett  Lake is a 150 acre, all sports lake, located just south of Lobdell  Lake. The two lakes are attached by a channel that runs under Bennett  Lake Rd. Bottom composition varies from sand, marl, organic peat and  gravel. There's a marsh on the east end of the lake, and a small channel  to Hoisington Lake. The lake's depth ranges to 50ft.

The  lake is named after William Bennett, who settled, along with his  family, along the west shore of North Ore Creek. When it became Bennett  Lake is not clear, but if we review the 1875 plat drawing of Deerfield  Township, we see that it was called Laird Lake.

According  to the 1880 History of Livingston County,,  "William Bennett was captain of a vessel on the lakes, and followed that  calling for a number of years. He came to Deerfield, with his wife and  three children, a few weeks later than his brother Benjamin,", (April  1836), "and built his house on the west side of North Ore Creek, at the  foot of Bennett Lake, which received its name in honor of him. There he  lived for fifteen years," ..... "One of his objects in purchasing the  land at the foot of the lake was that he expected to be able to utilize  its outlet for a water-power, and during his life here he tried to  fulfill this expectation by building a dam preparatory to the erection  of mills at that point. But some one at Argentine had been a little more  expeditious in utilizing the stream, and had built a dam that sent the  back-flow of water to the foot of Mr. Bennett's dam, who, seeing the  folly of proceeding further, at once abandoned the project."

Again,  according to the 1880 History of Livingston County, Deerfield Township  report, speaking of Bennett Lake, "Its greatest length is from east to  west, a distance of a little over two miles", indicating that Hoisington  Lake, and more was included. This same report complains that lake names  change according to who resides on them. Is it safe to say that the  Hoisington family lived there after 1880? NO! I just reviewed the 1880  Tyrone Township history in which Hoisington Lake is mentioned. I give!

Any further info would be greatly appreciated!